i vow to blog more often

Grandma and I went to the italian pension office again yesterday. Once again, they told us that we didn't have enough information to process her paperwork.

I understand that this information is needed to ensure that she's still eligible for her pension next year but COME ON. I love my grandmother and am getting sick and tired of useless government workers treating her like a second class citizen. Just because she's old doesn't mean she is deaf, dumb and blind. Christ, her mind is just as sharp as it was when she was 50, but these arseholes talk to her like she has the intellectual fortitude of an infant.

We're going to have to go back sometime next week.


On the bright side, Kirk and I finally closed our cottage deal and are just waiting to have the keys sent to us. As long as they get here by tomorrow, we're heading up there on the weekend. YAY!!!!! I am SOOOOO STOKED!!!

BUT...I'm starting to feel icky now...I think my poor body was just hanging on for dear life during the stress of this closing...now I'm paying for it with intense reactions to every allergy I have. yay.

Note to Ren: I lurve you too, you dirty whore.

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