i am a lazy blogging biatch

Here's what happened last week.

1. Went to work.

2. Went to see Queens of the Stone Age at the Koolhaus with Missy and Melissa. Bumped into an old co-worker, Scott. We worked together at a company that shall remain nameless (I try to NEVER mention their name in ANY context - I prefer to forget as much as I can about that period of my life). He was one of the few who made working at that shiat-hole tolerable. Anyway, we got there just in time to catch the 2nd opener The Distillers. They rocked out pretty hard but I wasn't blown away by them. Maybe it's cause the singer (who is HOTT!) sounded too much like Courtney Love who is a scary, scary lady. The Queens were amazing. They have lots of energy and are toight, ass-kicking musicians!

1. Went to Katrina's Studio. I'm worked on a pencil drawing of some tchatchka carved horse that one of Katrina's other students brought in. When I'm done I'll upload some photos of it to my art web pages.

2. Visited my Grandma. I took her to the Patronato Acli office which is supposed to provide information and assistance with Italian pensions. My Grandma's a landed immigrant and is still an Italian citizen so she gets a small pension from the Italian government. Basically every few years they do a survey of all pension recipients to make sure they're still alive. Apparently there's a BIG problem with people dying but still recieving their pension cheques.

So, Grandma had to bring all the requested documentation and ID in to the office to submit everything to the Italian government. They were fairly rude and unhelpful, as we had expected (I've taken her there before). Turns out my grandmother's most recent photo ID is an Italian passport that was issued to her in 1965. The person who was "helping" us told my grandmother she needed to update her ID (which makes sense). That means a new passport, which will probably cost her about $200. Needless to say my grandmother wasn't happy and proceeded to give the woman behind the desk an earful, who dealth with it by excusing herself to go to the washroom and not coming back. Man, my Grandma's a fiesty biatch. Now I know where I get it from.

Anyway, now we're going to have to go back there sometime soon or Grandma won't be getting any pension next year.

1. Went to Katrina's Studio. Worked on an oil painting that I'm just not liking.

2. Picked my mum up at the hospital. She had laser eye surgery to remove a cataract on one eye. Spent the afternoon with her and my brother (who is a chef and personal trainer) and we watched Daddy Day Care. I finally bit the bullet and asked my brother to help me get into shape. I'm so tired of being sore all the time from the accident last year when I was hit by a car crossing the street. I get repetitive stress injuries like mild carpal tunnel over a few days instead of over the course of weeks like most other people. BLECH. Marc's going to kick my ass into shape starting this week. I'll keep you posted. Oh, and my mum can see better now without her glasses for the first time EVER since she was 12.

Was supposed to work but was sick. Stayed home and crocheted.

Still feeling like crap, but good enough to go for my regular therapeutic deep tissue massage. Genevieve has MAGIC FINGERS. But I was pretty useless for the rest of the day.

Not much to tell. Originally Kirk and I were going to go up to the cottage this weekend, BUT since we haven't closed yet (GAHHH!) we couldn't go. There was also a DigitalEve Toronto board meeting (I'm a member of their Advisory Committee) that day that I missed (DAMN!). It was a meeting to help transition in the new board of directors but I just couldn't get it together to go. I was still in pretty bad shape. Basically all I managed to accomplish all weekend was some cleaning, grocery shopping, tea with my friend Kathleen, napping and crocheting.

And today I have wicked cramps. YAY!

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