stress makes me nauseous

Kirk and I are trying to buy a cottage and we are 1 week away from our closing date.

Why buy a cottage at 29, when we should be galavanting about recklessly spending all of our hard earned money on drugs, booze and travelling the world you ask??? Here was our reasoning:

1. We wanted to do this before we either get married or start pro-creating. Let's face it, who has spare cash lying around for such an occasion after experiencing either.

2. We wanted to do this before we retire. Who the hell wants to wait that long for something that may never even happen.

3. We figured that after blowing all our savings and acquiring a nifty mortgage on our condo in Cabbagetown in 2000, that this would be a GREAT idea.

4. We'll have an amazing place to go to whenever we need to get out of this stinking city and be one with nature.

So, after all that thinking, we spent a month and a half jumping through hoops to get the finances together.

Now we're stuck in a daily cycle of faxes, phone calls and voicemails between us, our lawyer, the realtor, the mortgage broker and the property vendor's lawyer.


I was hoping this whole experience would be empowering and exciting. Instead I feel nauseous. Go figger.

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