dogs will eat anything

Yesterday V was telling me that she had to pull a dead bird out of her puppy's mouth recently.

....mmmm....putrid rotting dead bird. Sounds like a tasty treat, no?

Here are some of the things that Kirk or I have coerced Oscar to drop or pried out of his clenched doggy jaws:

- tea bags (he barfed for a few hours afterwards - scared the shite out of us)
- dog/cat food (this one is his favourite - it's the first thing he goes for whenever we visit someone with a dog or cat)
- tomatoes off the plants on the deck (damn him! i loved those tomatoes)
- rotting food out of a garbage bag left out on the sidewalk
- Kirk's stinky wool socks
- Missy's takeout pizza slice
- newspaper
- used tampons or pads out of the bathroom garbage (man, I HATE it when he does that)
- frisbees
- slobbery sticks
- opened tin cans out of the recycling bin
- slobbery tennis balls
- dog shit (hard or soft, new or really old - oscar had no visible preference)
- a mummified bird wing
- toilet paper
- newly dead bird
- cat turds from the litter box (made his breath smell NASTY for a few hours)
- my underwear (shudder - next to tampons, this is the most disturbing one for me)

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