life has its ups and downs

1. Dyllon gave me the SWEEEEETEST haircut on Friday night - it's got a neat 30's bob kinda feel to it. I'll try and get a pic up soon. Maybe something before and after-y?

2. Our condo is neat and tidy. (see yesterday's entry for details)

3. The swell folks at the Cabbagetown Pet Valu taught me a new way of holding the Oscar's leash so he doesn't yank my arm out every time I walk him. We've taught him "heel" and I know he knows it...but he's only just over a year and a half and can't contain his excitement. Especially if you say the words: "park" or "play".

1. A new delay means that we now have to wait until the 8th for the property to close instead of this Friday like we were hoping. GAHHHHHHH!

2. My allergies are driving me MENTAL. This year has been the worst EVER for that shiat.

Well, so far I'm 3 for 2 so that's not too shabby!

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