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TC Studio's Knife Hooks
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Dave said...


How DO you find all these cool things shmoops! *S*

Dave said...

ps. Darn shmoops!
No posts for forever, then so many I have to take an hour to catch up! *LOL*

poopee shmoopee said...

dave: I know!!!! they're awesome. I'm now in love with my feed reader. Basically every time I visit a website I think is cool/interesting/useful, I see if there's an RSS feed. If so I add it to my reader. Every day I check it and VOILA! Instant blog posts! I know it's sorta the lazy way to blog, but whatever, it's my blog. ;)

Dave said...

*LOL* Good for you shmoops!!

(though I still hope you visit my blog once in a while!)