So the last month have been totally and unequivocally the busiest since last August, when Kirk and I decided to reno our condo in 3 weeks.

I moved out of my parents'house:

We moved into our new house:

My brother got married:

I was a bridesmaid:

I had a super rocking housewarming party complete with a fantastic DJ! This is one of the few pictures anyone took cause we were busy having TOO MUCH FUN. (i know this doesn't help you out right now, but next time i promise they'll be pictures):

I stayed up half the night working on a website (whose back end hosting is KILLING ME with it's lack of concern for what I WANT)and I just slept through the first 2-hours of my last 3-hr studio session for printmaking with a new edition of collagraphs due next week. Sigh. These are some of my experiments from last edition of monoprinting (oh and i also forgot to get pics of the ones i handed in):

OK. Must eat and get coffee now or I will never GET MY PAPER THAT IS DUE TOMORROW DONE. (sorry. didn't mean to yell. can you say panic? who am i kidding, i cant help myself. my dad is italian and my mom is french canadian. talking too loud is what what we do best, yo)


Dave said...

Wow great picture of you in the bridesmaid dress! You really clean up well.. *chuckling and ducking*

Gorgeous artwork as usual shmoops... I miss seeing your work here! *S*

JLee said...

You look great in red! I love the artwork...great work.

G3T Films said...

I thought bridesmaids were meant to be abominations. Way to let the team down Shmoopers!

The metallic prints are really interesting in their simplicity. Was there an idea behind that?

poopee shmoopee said...

dave: tanksh! more coming soon!

poopee shmoopee said...

jlee: i like you too :)

poopee shmoopee said...

g3tfilms: oh god. don't even ask. i'm glad they are happily married, but i think it's the first AND last time i will be a bridesmaid.

no idea. just playing around with yellow and brown ink rolled out on a glass plate with a brayer (big silicone rolling pin thingy) then just messed around with some japanese papers i had lying around. the best ones were handed in but i forgot to get pics. i get them back in a couple of weeks. so i'll post pics then.

G3T Films said...

Playing is the bestest isn't it!

Of course, now you know I HAVE to ask ;)