nablopomo is coming...

things are really crazy right now. so i know this blog sucks doney balls.

but that's about to change.

well. not just yet.

i'm doing nablopomo in november. that means as of november 1st, i will be posting every day in accordance with the National Blog Posting Month challenge!

for reals.

i know you're quivering with excitement.

now enjoy this.

and my loft is still for sale. i know you want it.












Kathy said...

Hey - sorry I missed the chat - I was at the Distillery District for lunch and browsing. You pic's of the loft look great.

Valency said...

The loft is GORGEOUS - I can't believe it hasn't sold yet!

I want to do nablopomo but the pressure scares me - I'm excited to read your shizzle, though!

Dave said...

shmoooooooooooooops!!! You're back! ~hugs~

Love the loft... wow! Why on earth would you want to leave there????

Maat B' Oenito said...

Cute place. Is that in the Candy Factory?

Valency said...

Tapping my foot and checking my watch right now... you have a few hours left...

Mallow said...

yeah.. what Dave said. why leave such a cool nest as that??

sjm said...


poopee shmoopee said...

kathy: np babes.

valency: tanksh lady!

dave: moving because as much as i love it here, i need real studio/workshop space and also we're thinking about having a kid, and s'never going to happen in this building. NEVER.

maat b'oenito: welcome and thanks! nope it's in cabbagetown (east end of downtown toronto).

valency: yeah, yeah.

mallow: see my comment to dave!

sjm: indeed. and welcome.

Kathryn said...

that loft is AWESOME.
i love it.
its so clean and pretty.