My Summer Vacation (when I wasn't doing homework or renovating my home)

me studying at the cottage.
OK, so sometimes I still did homework.

mega nachos
this is my brother, the little cowboy
salerno sunset
oscar and missy

matt, marc and maya

water snake gah!


happily married!

steve and jim

melissa, steve and lesley

i have webbed toes. sorta
yes. i have webbed toes.



Kathy said...

The Yorkie looks a lot like Suki : )

poopee shmoopee said...

kathy: HEY LADY!!!! that's my brother's dog Missy!

Dave said...

Wow, fantastic photos shmoops!

I don't think you realize exactly how photogenic you actually are. *S*

I love your photos... hope you post more in the future like this.

~big ole hugz~

Valency said...

Yeay webbed toes! Errryone needs a weird body part...

I have my double uvula:


I loves your pictures, chicka... your summer looked excellent.

me said...

aw... vacation.

Kathryn said...

cool pics!
i am sad that summer is over.

Butchie The Minx said...

OMG webbed toes are totally erotic.

JLee said...

Those are wonderful pics!!

Mallow said...

Nice photos! (Amazing sunset)
not such a bad place to hang out and do homework either :)

Wendy said...

wow! Fantastic photos up here! The tonguage especially is, uh, cute...lol

Bostick said...

Wow! I already saw these photos!

raymi lauren said...

fun as hell!

Valency said...

Miss your blogs, shmoop.