Blades of Glory

I don't know what it is, but Will Ferrell could shit in a bucket and I would laugh my ass off.

Every time.


Dave said...

Its' funny... I was having this conversation with my daughter last night... but I'm not a Will Farrell fan. Most of his stuff is just plain stupid (IMHO).
Just like I didn't like Dumb and Dumber. Stupid isn't funny to me for some reason.
However, I can see how it would be funny to other people.
Weird huh?

JLee said...

oh I can't wait to see this! My husband just rolls his eyes, but he can do no wrong in my book! haha

Wendy said...

OH!!!! I can't wait to see this! The previews are hilarious!

elizabath said...

that looks sensational

carrie said...

i agree... he is funny just sitting still.