its so hot my modem is melting...

It's 32 degrees in my condo and 47 outside with the humidex. How hot is that?

Hot enough that Oscar won't walk more than 5 blocks before dragging me back home.

Hot enough that my modem is acting up and works for only a few hours a day.

Hot enough that I don't want to leave my bedroom, which is the only room with air conditioning.

Hot enough that I have a headache that won't go away.

Hot enough that I am the grumpiest bitch this side of Toronto.

Hot enough that I haven't eaten anything other than bread, cherry tomatoes and water all day.

Hot enough that I'll be at the cottage for the next week and a half.

Party Island here I come!!!


Squid Vicious said...

WOW! I'm surprised it took you this long into your marriage to get the "permaheadache". Enjoy the cabin!

Tha Monkey said...

oh poor Shmoops! Come hang out at my house, we've got AC! xoxoxo

RIch said...

47 outside! Welcome to Australia... nah, we've only had one day over 50 this year.

Dave said...

Hope you're keeping cool shmoops.... and that you come back refreshed!

Wendy said...

are you still at the cottage? I miss you!

IronicSimplicity said...

It's been up to about 49 this year in AZ on a few days. Not too bad - I remember the day it hit 50. That's just nasty insanely hot.

Anonymous said...

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