i have a new toy

12 inches of pure portable love.

in other new and exciting news, i also have a portfolio interview at ocad on valentine's day. if i get in, i'll be going to school full time in september. i went to the portfolio clinic a couple of weeks ago and got the low down on what to get ready, so i'm working on it. as part of the clinic we got to choose a 4-hour workshop to get an idea of what classes and instructors are like. i chose the encaustic workshop and SO dug the painting with wax. i definitely plan to do it again sometime.

here is the result.

besides the wax, i also used plastic and metal beads and gold leaf. nicole collins was the instructor and is a fantastic artist. you can see some of her work here.

i want one of these for my birthday.


Dave said...

So what do you call this work of art???? I love it!

poopee shmoopee said...

hey dave. no title and THANKS!!! i love it too.