If no news is good news, then what does a lot of bad news mean?

There have been a few things that have happened here in Toronto over the last couple of weeks that have made it just a little harder to get up in the mornings, much less blog:

Handguns are NOT necessary. Not EVER.

If there is ANYONE out there who believes that this is the only way out, please, please get help. Props to Heather B. Armstrong- an amazingly courageous woman, and mother, who GOT HELP.

I love living in here but what the FUCK is going on????

Oh yeah, I'm also starting back to work full-time next week. For the first time in 3 years.


Anonymous said...

I know what ya mean shmoops.... things like that bum me out so much. Kids killing kids. *groan*

Good luck on the job...

Dave said...

Weird shmoops, that comment was from me and it shows up as anonymous!