die auspumpenhütte

Kirk is still home sick today and I left work early today after having barfed 3 times in less than an hour - with only green tea and a hard boiled egg in my tummy.

We've officially dubbed our home "die auspumpenhütte", which is a literal translation of "the poop hut" using BabelFish.

Translated back it reads: the pumping out hut.

When Kirk found this for me to cheer me up, I laughed so hard I almost pooped myself.


Dave said...

Morning Sickness?

*ducking and laughing*

poopee shmoopee said...

We plan on waiting until AFTER the wedding for that.

Dave said...

"That" meaning children...




poopee shmoopee said...

Well considering the sickness that has invaded our home, I believe BOTH would be the answer of the moment, Dave.