Smother me with your sweet love

My grandmother came home from the hospital today. She is having some kind of lower-intestinal issue due to the lack of fiber in her diet. She's OK, but still a little shaken.

Hell, if I woke up one morning bleeding profusely from my ass, I would most certainly FREAK THE FUCK OUT. And I'm not someone's 81 year-old grandmother.

I haven't been sleeping very well. Basically, I'm over-emotional with a hair-trigger, snappy-retort reflex set off by just about everything that Kirk seems to do/not do and/or say/not say. My hormones certainly have added fuel to the fire.

I think he is just about ready to smother me with my own pillow.


Tha Monkey said...

Oh shmoops! I'd never let Kirk smother you with a pillow. NEVER! Methinks we need to hook up for some drinky poos. Aww yeah.

poopee shmoopee said...

awwww ren. i miss yer sweet ass.

Dave said...

Damn... nobody ever misses MY sweet ass... *LOL*

Hey shmoops... have you seen a doc about the moods? Could be chemically caused you know.

Then again.... maybe you should take any large, soft and/or sharp objects away from Kirk... Hmmmmm

poopee shmoopee said...

nah. i also found out that my aunt has a brain tumor.

kinda makes it hard to play nice.