comissions ROCK!

The opening was last Saturday and was, by all accounts, a success. The place was pretty packed. My parents were there as were my aunt Nancy, cousin Nancy (it's a often recurring name in my family), my brother and his girlfriend. My friends Jen, Trish, Lorne, Natalie, Kathleen and Missy all dropped by.

The most touching moment of the evening, and of my life, came when my father cried openily when he saw the painting I had done of my grandfather. It's based on a photo that was taken around 1942 where he is dressed in his Italian army uniform. Makes me a little teary now just thinking about it. As we all sat around, gabbed and drank really good coffee, I felt like my grandfather was actually there in the room with us. My parents ended up staying right until the folks at Javaville had to kick us out. I think Dad felt Grandpa there too.

Just as things were winding down I was approached by a local resident who really liked my dog portraits and asked if I could do a portrait of her dog. YAY A COMMISSION!!!! Since none of my paintings were for sale, I am very excited about it. Oh, and I also got a commission from someone at work to do a portrait of his daughter. WOOHOO!!!

Pictures coming soon. I'm a lazy ass...


Anonymous said...

Lazy ass!

Congrats! I'm glad everything went so well.


Dave said...


Excellent job... and I hope to see the pics soon.. *S*