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OK, so last week my dad and I had a really long talk. Ever since I've realized that I'm healed from the injuries I sustained 2 summers ago when some dickhead decided that he wouldn't bother checking to see what was going on ahead of him before he slammed on the gas and proceeded to drive right into me crossing the street...on foot.

Anyway, we were talking about the fact that my friend Natalie and I are trying to startup a 2-woman painting business. So far we've bid on a couple of jobs, but nothing concrete has come out of it yet and we want have a few more completed jobs before we really start marketing ourselves. That means that I need some other way to make money in the meantime. He told me he'd ask around and see if there was anything could do to help.

It was amazing. My dad. Offering to help me without criticising me and actually being nice about it. I didn't feel like a little kid asking for my daddy's help. He treated me as an adult and with respect. I almost started bawling right then and there. I left for the cottage and put it out of my mine. Monday morning he calls and tells me that there is an opening at the office of one of the lumber yards that's a division of the company he works for.

Today, I went in for the interview with the super dude that runs the place and it was really cool. He would like me to work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays which means I won't have to sacrifice my work outs with my brother AND painting in the studio. I almost peed myself. It's exactly what I need AND it's in the city, so I won't have to commute to the suburbs!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Anyway, boss dude is going to talk to the owner and get back to me early next week with an offer. Plus, it's Canada Day tomorrow, and Kirk took Friday off, so we're heading up to the cottage once again, but this time for 4 whole days.

I'm so happy I could explode!!!!!


Dave said...

debating about posting comments here again.. but..Congratulations shmoops.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting!