Let's gance!

Here are some alternate "gances" that are sure to please (courtesy of my sexxxxxxxy loving partner Kirk):

The Pooper Scooper: where one guy pretends to be a dog, takes a dump and the other picks it up.

The Last Tango: one guy grabs stick of butter and jams it in othe guy's ass for lube; then pounds him in the ass.

The Crystal Dick: were the guy masturbates furiously on the dance floor to no avail and the other guy just leaves.

The Prince Charles: one guy gets on his knees in front of the other grinds his face into the other's lap; just two guys having fun, doesn't mean anything.

The Redneck: where one guy beats the shit out of the other, then picks him up, apologizes, tells him how much he loves him and buys him a beer; variations include simply pushing the other into the bonfire.

The Yellow Brick Road: where one guy pees in the other's ass then before he takes a dump.

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