back with a vengence

Montreal was great. Spending 4 whole days with my mom was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Our plan was to hit as many art galleries as we could. Instead we went shopping, which was good, cause my wardrobe has been lacking. Seriously lacking.(I can totally relate to you kalli!)

I've been second handing it for a while, and I would say for the most part that it's worth it. Except for the last little while I've been feeling pretty frumpy. So some new clothes definitely boosted my ego...especially since I can now walk into lots of stores and find SOMETHING that fits me (Thank you Marc and your ass-kickin' work outs).

We DID manage to get out and see some art in Old Montreal on Sunday and ma favourite gallery there is Yves Laroche. They have a great selection of works by very diverse artists. We spent almost 2 hours there just trying to take it all in. Yum!

I'm definitely going to be dragging Kirk's ass down there sometime this spring/summer.

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