ok, so the worst part of february? THE SNOW and super rude people on public transit.

best part of february? my birthday (28th) and that when it's all over on march 1, we will be living in a home of our own!!!!!

i think i'm depressed people. it's valentine's day and i'd love to say that my husband and i are doing something romantic and lovely. my parents went out for dinner and i was hoping we'd have the house to ourselves for the night, but it turns out they'll probably be home before 9. on top of that loads of stress and shit going on (there is so much i want to write about, but am just the teeniest leery about publishing on the internet - sigh) that the most romantic thing we can manage is holing up in our room with a bottle of wine, cheese fondue and a movie.


Dave said...

aw shmoops.. I'm sorry you didn't have the dream Valentines day that you wanted.. but there are many more to come.... ~hugs~

I hope the other things blow over too..
I'm always available via email if you need someone to talk to.

Mallow said...

Happy belated Birthday shmoopieeeeee!!