my festering nipple is festering no more!

No, I don't have a fresh photo of the scar, but it is fully healed. Trust me. Not that you should trust anything a blogger-who-never-blogs says.

I had this whole plan to post about my whole going back to school experience. But it appears that the black hole of first-year homework has totally shot that plan to shreads.

So, basically, I'm a total basket case. This semester I'm taking 4 courses:

Introduction to Visual Culture: History and Ideas (art history)
Time-Based Media (video, performance art, electronics and web stuff)
Form and Structure (sculpture)

My instructors are all accomplished, knowledgable artists and scholars in their own right and aren't uptight or stuffy. They just seem excited to see how we interpret the assignments. I've received some marks back already, so I'm feeling good about the work I'm doing. Mostly. It's definitely weird working among recent high school graduates. Most of them think I'm only about 3 or 4 years older than they are and freak out when I tell them I'm married.

I've also started working in the school's Writing and Learning Centre as their Friday reception. The pay is not the greatest, but it's on campus, and its enough to cover all my incidental school expenses, so its worth it.

Anyway, here's a photo of my most recently completed painting. Yes, I'm still painting whenever I can steal a few free hours from homework time. This is from a photo of Oscar when he was about 10 weeks old.


Also, yesterday was my first wedding anniversary! Since we're a little short in the moolah department, we just stayed home, ate veggie chili, drank some shiraz and watched Slither. Which was fantastically gross! And can I just say that DAMN, that Nathan Filion is one dreamy smartass. Ahem. We decided instead of buying each other a gift, we'd save up for a few weeks and get a 250 gig hard drive installed into the portable hard drive case we've got kicking around. That way we can store our media in one central location WOOHOO! Anniversary-tastic!


Squid Vicious said...

Happy Anniversary!

It's not about what you do as much as whom you do it with!

There is a nifty cable that makes any internal IDE drive into a USB 2.0 device. I got mine for $14.95 from Amazon, which would be like eleventy jillion dead prime ministers. Anyway, search for "IDE to USB". That way, you can buy any hard drive or DVD burner without having to crack the case to install it. And its portable!

Dave said...

Happy Anniversary shmoops and Kirk!

Love the painting... *S* I'm sure you'll do great at school.

poopee shmoopee said...

thanks dudes!

Tha Monkey said...

Happy belated anniversary! Can't believe I didn't call youse guys on the weekend! *sigh* I owe you a BIG hug and kiss!!!!

poopee shmoopee said...

monkey: you SO owe me.