hey! are you still there?

pebble beach

I've been meaning to post for ages, but I'm still adjusting to the whole "get up and go" school thing (a.k.a. get off yer lazy ass and do some work, beeyatch). This term, I'm taking drawing, art history, intro to film and video and intro to sculpture.

pebble beach cold final

There's plenty of homework, which I'm not really used to, so my brain is constantly chugging away. That means I'm sleeping fairly erratically. Only to grind my teeth to nubs when I actually do sleep. Since I've been off work since July, I've also been worrying (grinding) about money. So, last Friday, I got myself a part-time job on campus.

pebble beach hot final

OK. Sleepy time now. Post later. Kisses!


Rich said...


Squid Vicious said...

I'm not here either!

Dave said...

I've never BEEN here.... *S*

Love the paintings hon.... but stupid question, what would you consider the "style" of those?
Are those on canvas?

How's Married Life? How's Kirk?

poopee shmoopee said...

rich & squid: haha. neither am I. most of the time.

squid: see no caps! HA!

dave: thanks! yep, they are on canvas and i used acrylic paint. as far as style...hmmm...i'm not exactly sure. it's like a simplistic combination of abstraction, expressionism and illustration. i haven't been at art school long enough to know what to call it. maybe it's a good thing not to be able to peg it down to any one style. makes it my own :)

married life is just fine! Kirk is working insane hours right now. combine that with me doing homework and being at school, and now with the new job, we're don't spend all that much time together. but that's ok. he's still my bestest friend in the whole world. we try and have dinner together to catch up on each other's days and sneak some lovin' in whenever we can. compared to what lots of people are going through right now, i SO can't complain.