Happy 30th Birthday Dom!

Tonight is my cousing Dom's 30th birthday party and there's a surprise party for him tonight at Windy O'Neills. I was TOTALLY serious when I said I was going to go buuuuut after my work out yesterday, Kirk getting home from work later than I had thought he would and the fact that I'm working tomorrow at 8AM,I'm pretty much wimping out and not going. On a clear day, It's about an hour drive but on a Friday night? Just after a tractor-trailer had jacknifed on the 401? **shudder** Which is too bad, cause Dom has the biggest sunniest smile EVAR (it's all about the dimples) and I'm sure they're all have a lot of fun right now...sigh...I love being 30, but jeebus, what happened to the days when I would have welcomed any opportunity to party?

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Anonymous said...

We're getting old shmoops.... ~frown~